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>> Friday, November 28, 2008

I just got note that I actually won something! I have never won a contest, the lottery or anything of that nature. I just got an email from Mrs. Bee of Weddingbee to let me know that I was the winner of a custom aisle runner from The Original Runner Co. ! It's a $500 value!! I can't believe it, I was going to make my own but this is truly a blessing being that I'm on a budget! THANKS so much!


D.I.Y Friday~Cute Gift Card Holders (For Your Wedding Party)

I'm a blog stalker, period, not just for wedding blogs. I use to run my own online baby boutique, I sold nothing but handmade baby items and let me just say there is some real talent out there. Anyway I fell in love with the talent of one particular fabric designer, Heather Bailey. I found her blog about 7 months ago and her fabric looks good enough to eat, lol. She also features some really neat Do-It-Yourself projects using her products which are just gorgeous and reasonably priced.

I found these really cute gift card boxes on her site. These would be the perfect gift for your MOH or bridesmaids. What a great way to dress up boring old gift cards! Here is the pattern and other instructions for her cute boxes. Be sure to visit her store for the paper products needed for this project.
Happy Black Friday BTW, I hope you find some great deals today. My day starts at 3:00am and I'm at the stores by 4:00am, I'm a shopping fool!!


Happy Thanksgiving!!

>> Thursday, November 27, 2008


HELP! I Really Need Your Input!!!

>> Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Friday we went to see another venue and all I can say is I'm in LOVE! Oh my goodness ladies, this venue is so perfect for us. It's classic, gorgeous & newly remodeled. The Vinton War Memorial has everything a bride can ask for in a venue. And for once since our wedding planning began someone didn't look at me like I was crazy because we want to book so far out from the wedding, they actually gave a significant discount, more than $1000 OFF! Say What?!? I was so excited. Since they remodeled, everything is up to date, with warm colors like, lime greens, toupes, browns & some orange.

Lobby (for cocktail hour)::

Now my issue comes in the colors because our original color palette was champagne, chocolate brown & lime green. I changed the colors because we really thought that we wanted to go with the art museum so we wanted colors that were more modern & could compete with the strong achitecture of the museum (black, white & lime green). But after visitng the Vinton War Memorial I want to go back to my orginial color palette. The chairs as you can see at VWM are not the chiavari chairs that I would like, but they are actually not that bad. And being the budget bride that I am, we will just have to go with it. Anywhooo... which color palette do you suggest I go with? Please be honest and give me as much feedback as you would like!

Reception Ballroom::

This is where the ceremony would be (I Love fireplaces!)::


Shoe Candy!

I am a lover of shoes and nice expensive shoes, but who are we kidding I can't afford the shoes I drool over on a daily basis (*cough* MICHAEL KORS *cough*). Although we are on a tight budget for our wedding I will be getting a pair of designer shoes for my wedding day, they will be something that I can wear over and over because I figure if I spend that much on a pair of shoes I want to be able to wear them more than once. So here are some that I've have been stalking out!

Michael Kors::

Michael Kors::

Betsey Johnson::

Have you been shoe stalking for your wedding? Are you going designer or just basic?


D.I.Y Friday~ Super Market Flower Bouquets

>> Friday, November 21, 2008

I am definately a bride on a budget as most of you know, but when my fiance and I set our wedding budget I put aside a good chunk of money for a beautiful real flower bouquet. I knew that I wanted a full professionally made bouquet, and I thought that meant hiring a florist. Then while reading With This Ring I learned that Real Simple made it really simple {pardon the pun} to make your own beautiful "professional looking" bouquet out of flowers purchased from your local grocery store. All you need is a bouquet of supermarket flowers, floral stem wire, a few floral pins & some beautiful satin ribbon in your coordinating wedding color. For full details visit {Real Simple}.


Irises, Statis & Carnations::

Baby's Breath::

Colorful Varied Bouquet::


Are you in the VA, MD or DC Area??

>> Wednesday, November 19, 2008

There is an AMAZING contest annoucement today on one of my favorite wedding blogs! Janie Medley, owner of The Bride's Cafe & Janie Medley Floral Design has brilliantly teamed up with Ritzy Bee Events and EliseTheuer to offer the The Unltimate Wedding Giveaway. One lucky couple in the Virginia/DC/Maryland area getting married between April 2009 & December 2009 will win some great essential for their wedding. For more details visit The Bride's Cafe.
I hope they have this contest again for the couple of 2010!


Reconnect....After 10 Years!

>> Monday, November 17, 2008

My fiance and I will celebrate our 10 year anniversary December 1st. I bet you're like WHAT???. We have been dating since our junior year of high school, but he only proposed this past July. We really feel like we need some away time, time to come back together and reconnect. I think we have just gotten so used to each other & in our routine of life with our girls that we forget to pay attention to our life as a couple. We have date night sometimes but it's been about 5 years since we left the girls with their grandparents and headed out for a long weekend alone.

So we booked ourselves a couples getway in the beautiful moutains of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The Preserve Resort has beautiful cabins with everything a couple wants, hot tub, fireplace & a great view! The cabins are all very reasonably priced and the view to me is worth a million bucks!! This would make a great honeymoon if you're not into the tropical beach thing. Can you just imagine being suggled up with your new hubby in a beautiful cabin over looking the Smokey Mountains. Ok so I can't wait until January because I am all about this trip!

{{Photos Courtesy of The Preserve Resort}}

Stop drooling all over the keyboard and book your trip already!!!


D.I.Y Friday~Embossed Invites

>> Friday, November 14, 2008

Oh how I love surfing on It's brides just like you and me, sharing weddings ideas, pictures & much much more! While surfing a couple of weeks ago I came across this gorgeous invitation made by the lovely Miss. Fondue. Like I mentioned earlier this week I want to make my invitations but I also want them to look professional and classy, this inivtation has all those qualities and more! Her instructions are easy to follow and I feel confident after going over them dozens of times I can make my invites look just as gorgeous with with my own little twist. Here are the instuctions, be sure to leave her a comment to let her know just how cute those invitations are.


Back to Our Wedding....Invites

>> Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Here is just one design that I did for our invitations. I have two others that you will see soon enough. I definately love and want the damask print on our invitations but I also want them to have some kind of 3D affect. I am wondering if I can find a small damask stamp so it can be embossed. I love the embossing process, I think it's gorgeous and easily made. Tune in this Friday for Embossing on D.I.Y. Friday!



Thanks for your patience!

>> Monday, November 10, 2008

Our event is finally over & boy am I exhausted! My entire body aches, I worked I have not had a day off in 8 days and have not thought a thing about the wedding! I am going to rest up this week, but I will definately back to posting regularly asap!


Busy Busy Bee

>> Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hey my lovely readers. This week and next week will be super super busy for me. The big project I've been working on at my job is finally happening November 8th & 9th. I will not have time to blog until the 10th of November. Check out the Women's Health Beauty Life Expo here! Yesterday for almost 12 hours straight I helped stuff 5000 reusable bags that we will be giving away at our expo. Ugh let me just say that my feet, back and everything else hurt like never before!


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