Leave it to Martha...

>> Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I spent my weekend flipping through the Summer issue of Martha Stewart weddings. I read it from top to bottom, front to back and enjoyed every second of it. Leave it totally up to Martha and her talented team to come up the most unique and cutest ideas. While reading I came across something that my bridesmaids would LOVE! Instead of doing your basic locket or bouquet brooch, Martha suggests that you find a simple necklace or bracelet with a birthstone gem for each bridesmaid’s bouquet. How cute would that be? Then after the wedding each bridesmaid will have their own birthstone necklace to wear forever! I love this idea because it kills two birds with one stone: the bridesmaids bouquet bling & gift.

Since I make jewelry, I will probably make all my bridesmaids a sterling silver bracelet with their own Swarovski Crystal gemstone. This will save me lots of cash and I know they love my jewelry pieces so they won’t mind adding another to their collection!

Supply cost for homemade bracelets:
  • Sterling Silver Chain: About $30 with enough chain to make 4 bracelets
  • Swarovski Crystal Pendants: $16 @ about $4 each
  • Findings: Sterling Silver clasps, beads and other supplies, $10
  • Total Cost Per Bracelet: ABOUT $14 each




Fresh Face

>> Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I love to dress up and play "Barbie" especially when it comes to make-up I don't leave home without "putting my face on". I haven't decided if I will apply my own make-up on wedding day or if I will hire someone else. I know what I like and feel good about how I apply my make-up and make it look natural and pretty. I've seen horror pictures of bad make-up and heard horror stories so that will probably be something that I decide later one.

I use Bare Minerals and they work well on my skin and blends like you wouldn't believe, if you haven't tried it yet, give it a test drive! Trying to decide what look I want to go for on wedding day has been somewhat of a challenge but I know I love the smokey dramatic eye as I mentioned here, I think it adds so much to your final look. But my wedding theme is somewhat vintage with my birdcage veil and lace on my dress I'm beginning to think that a more neutral look may work better. I know for certain that I will be getting some eye weave for the day and wear some fake lashes because mine are so curly you can barely see the length, even with ten layers of mascara on them. Have any of you tried fakies? If so where did you get them and whats your secret to applying them?

Here are some of my inspiration:


The Rehearsal Outfit

>> Monday, June 22, 2009

I know we still have 9 more months until our wedding but I have been thinking a lot lately about what I might wear to our rehearsal & dinner. I love the cute cocktail dresses that most brides wear but I am so not a dress girl as I mentioned when I was trying to find e-pic outfits. Don't get me wrong I love to dress up, but dresses are just not for me. The other factor that I have to take in is that our wedding is taking place in March which is kind of hit or miss here in VA because it could be warm one day and snowing two feet the next so its like playing Russian roulette. I think a nice dressy white shirt and some charcoal dress pants would be very cute and so up my ally! Not to mention I could wear it again to work. So what do you think of this? Or do you have any other suggestions?


We Looked @ Wedding Bands!!!

>> Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Well because last Friday was suppose to be our e-pic day and that didn't happen. I already had the day off so FH and I went to look at wedding bands for the first time. I think we were both a little overwhelmed by the many selections that were available and by the fact that in a little over 9 months we will be hubby & wife!! Eeek so, exciting!!! Unfortunately the wedding band that matches my Tacori e-ring has been discontinued so I won't be having the set. I will admit that I was really up set but I knew that I would find something just as beautiful to wear with my ring.

I was under the impression that because I have an aquamarine stone that a diamond band would clash with my ring. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! I tried on a number of diamond bands and found that they actually look quite good with my colored stone. It actually brings it out more and it gives me a chance to have some diamonds on my finger!

My FH, bless his heart had the sweatiest, shakiest hands, Mr. Cool is never frazzled by anything but this almost made him faint. I hadn't seen him this nervous since the birth of our babies, hahaha...men! He wants a ring with the hammered or rough finish because he lifts weights and works out so much, he wants something that can take a hit and not show the blemish. He found a couple that he liked but wanted to try a few more before he makes his final decision.

We decided to go to one more store that we both love next week before we choose our rings. The other jewelry store that we like carries different designers from the rings we tried on this past weekend. So I am looking forward to trying on more BLING!!


Rained Out & Break Out...Long Story!

>> Monday, June 15, 2009

As I mentioned last Thursday, Friday was the date for our e-pics. Well guess what? It didn't happen! First of all we had a chance for rain and we knew that. It's kind of been raining non-stop for the past 3 weeks or so. We also had to commute 2 hours to our locations and we had to keep in constant contact with our photographer to keep an eye on the weather. I took the day off work so that I could get everything done, like nails, hair, etc. I did get to sleep in thank goodness! I woke up, fixed breakfast and around 10am I started to get ready to go get my nails done. I started to put my make-up on a notice this silver dollar size dark circle on my left cheek. I screamed and said a few curse words and immediately washed my face because I thought it was the make-up. After washing my face a few times I noticed that it just wasn't going away. Like the girl that I am I started crying! My FH came ithe bathroom and asked what was the matter and he noticed it. He is so sweet because he hugged me and said it wasn't that noticeable (but believe me it was!). In the midst of my breakdown, my cell phone rings and it's the photographer telling me that its raining and if we wanted to take a chance or re-schedule. I told him my skin story and he said he would email me to reschedule. Turns our that the skin issue was from me using a different acne medication that my skin had a reaction to. UGH!!!!! So there you have it Friday was full of DRAMA but I did enjoy the rest of my day off and hope to reschedule very soon to take our pics. Thanks for listening!!! In the meantime here are some gorgeous e-shots by Scarlett Lillian, she rocks!


E-Pics Tomorrow!!!

>> Thursday, June 11, 2009

So tomorrow is a huge day for FH and I! The both of us are nervous and kind of worried. We hate getting our pictures taken, not to mention I am not photogenic at all! I love to take other peoples pictures but I will run far away from a camera when I see someone else with one! I'm getting my hair done this afternoon, make-up will be done by me because I think I do a pretty good job, I'm getting my nails & toes done in the morning. The day is going to be filled with fun & worry! Any tips for FH & I? As far as the outfits go...remember the outfits I showed you a while back here? Well neither of those worked out because after I purchased them and tried them on I hated both outfits on me so I went with something different. I guess you will see after the pics are done. Here is a peek at my shoes I plan to wear with one of my outfits:


{{Customize Me}}

>> Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I have been a bad bad blogger lately and I do apologize! My job at the radio station seems to get more demanding in the summer with me taking on more work by helping to plan our second annual Women's Expo. It's beyond stressful and I have barely had time to plan. Luckily my wedding is still 9 months away, and I have taken care of the major items, so I have plenty of time. I know that I posted a few weeks ago that I found a gorgeous Hair facsinator at Macy's and I purchased my veil a while back. I felt like I was settling and I wanted something beautiful and one of a kind, so I began the search for my perfect veil & fascinator. Well I didn't have to go far because I was on Etsy (my most favorite place to visit online, I could look for hours) one day and came across a talented designer who agreed to work with me on a custom veil & fascinator. Her store is called Anne Michelle Heirlooms, Anne-Michelle's work is beyond amazing and I feel that her items are affordable but has beautiful quality. She puts her heart and soul into her designs and you can tell by her work. She also has a blog so be sure to check her out!!!!! THANKS ANN-MICHELLE you rock girl!!!! **Be sure to stay tuned because we have a HUGE Giveaway coming very soon!!

Here is something like the veil that she is working on for me:
{{ALL Photos are property of Anne Michelle Heirlooms}}
Camilla Veil-Cathedral Length:
Fuchsia w/ Swarovski Crystals:

Claire-Headband Veil:

Something Old-Heirloom Collection:{my favorite}

Emma Veil-Waist Length:

Fuchsia Hairpiece w/Heirloom Medallion:

Audrey Veil-Elbow Length:

Silk White Flower



>> Friday, June 5, 2009

Jenn @ With This Ring is tying the knot this weekend and I just wanted to wish her all the best!!! Your wedding is going to be FABULOUS and you have inspired so many with your wonderful DIY projects. Many blessings to you and I hope your day is perfect :) Can't wait to see pictures...HAVE FUN GIRL :)


{{::GUEST BLOGGER::}} Jennifer Carroll Designs

>> Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Finding the right wedding invitations can be overwhelming with all of the choices out there. So where do you begin?

1:: I recommend that you think about your wedding style: is it black-tie formal, rustic & homespun, urban sophisticate, or a combination?

2:: Where will your wedding ceremony & reception be held? These two answers will help you to narrow down your choices. If you're having an at home, casual wedding then engraved formal invitations won't really convey the feeling and spirit of your wedding to your guests. Similarly a whimsical set wouldn't quite suit a black-tie affair.

3:: What is your wedding budget?

Engraving & Letterpress are exquisite printing styles but they aren't the most budget friendly options. Thermography is a terrific alternative if you have your heart set on engraving but need a deal. Lastly we have one of my favorite options - flat printing. I love flat printing because while saving money from the other printing types couples are able to add embellishments like pockets, additional inserts, ribbon accents and more all while saving money over the higher end printing types. It's the best of both worlds!

4:: Once you know the answers to these questions you will have much more luck in narrowing down your selections. Then you have to start thinking about wording... needs ideas? Check out the FAQ section of my invitation website for suggested wording etiquette.(Link: http://www.jennifercarrolldesigns.com/faqs.htm)

I wish you all the best of luck as you find your perfect wedding invitation!!

Happy Planning!

Jennifer Carroll


Place Setting...Buffet Dinner?

I have not officially booked our caterer yet but we are very close to making a decision and I am about 99% sure that it will be a buffet style dinner. It's more cost effective for us and I love the way our favorite caterer styles the buffet to look beautiful! Now with that decision in mind, I bring the question, what do we do about the place settings? The caterer thinks it would be best to keep the plates warmed by the buffet tables. I think that's a great idea but now I can't decide on how to set the table. Should I go with a charger and napkin? Or should I keep it simple with a napkin & menu? Do you even have a menu if' you're doing a buffet? UGH all of these questions. I'm sure that FI and I will sit down and go over every option possible and make a decision but I'm curious about what some of you have decided to do?


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