Me+A New Fabulous Job=Less Blogging

>> Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hey Peeps! I just wanted to check in to let you guys know that I have moved on to greener pastures and started an indredible new job yesterday! YAY! Although I was so sad and depressed that I had to leave my wonderful friends and co-workers (2nd family) at the radio station, I knew that this opportunity that was given to me couldn't be passed up. So this means that I will be on a little less and I may not peak in at your blogs as often as I used to or like to. I still have more recaps coming, I promise!
My DH bought me an iPad so I will try to catch up a little during my lunch break!

Oh and Nicole Lynn I didn't forget about your monogram :)


{{RECAPS}} Group Shots (Pic Heavy)

>> Monday, April 26, 2010

Here are our pre-ceremony group shots. We had so much fun taking these pictures! Looks can be deceiving because it was COLD, but so beautiful out and everyone was a trooper (even the kiddos).

I went into our wedding day knowing that I wanted beautiful but timeless pictures that will look just as fresh 10 years from now as it did on the day that we got married. Our photographer delivered and so much more they all turned out beautiful.


{{RECAPS}} Bride/Groom Shots (Pic Heavy)

>> Wednesday, April 21, 2010

These pictures are some of my favorites because its right before I see Mr. A for the first time. I had butterflies like crazy and just tried my best to keep it together. The moment when I walked out on the terrace and could see the back of him I almost lost it, he was so handsome and I have not seen him dressed up like that since our prom in 2000. I didn't cry and neither did he, we were both just genuinely happy to see each other. I was giddy like a school girl, you can tell in the pictures :).


{Pre-Ceremony Pictures}

{My Hubby}

I have so many pictures to share, hang in there ya'll....more Bride & Groom shots coming tomorrow!


{{RECAPS}} Getting Ready (Pic Heavy)

>> Monday, April 19, 2010

Yes! We have pictures people! Our DVD's arrived Friday and I can finally start giving some details. I am going to to the recaps in steps, so bear with me. I am going to start with everyone primping and getting ready.

I woke up at 6:30 am next to my husband to be on March 27th and just stared at him and cried, I held his hand while he slept soundly. He had no idea that this happened but it did (I know you're reading this and you know I like to watch you sleep). I just couldn't believe that he was finally going to be my husband. That was the only time I cried the entire day, I kept it together so well.

I got dressed and headed to the salon to get my hair did (I love saying that). I was about 30 minutes late but so was my stylists so I didn't feel bad, we arrived at about the same time. Brandon from Hair Attitudes was fabulous and rocked my hair out!! I love it and he was quick as well.

I then got a call from my photographer, he wanted to meet me at Macy's to get some beauty prep shots. I decided at the 11th hour to get my make-up done at Macy's, yes it was a last minute decision but I thought WTH if I look like a clown its just make-up and it'll wash off. Well let me just say that the lady at Macy's was AMAZING!! She did a super fantastic job and wow MAC make-up is wonderful, not heavy at all like I thought it would be and it looked fabulous all night long!

{Groom & Groomsmen Prepping}

{The Guys sneaking some Grey Goose right before the ceremony, shame on you!}


Officially Mrs. A!

>> Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I am officially Mrs. A...woohooo!!! I actually did this a week and a half ago and it feels SUPER! The process was kind of a pain and I had to take a half day off work. First I had to go to the courthouse to get a "certified" copy of our marriage license, that was a whole $2.50. The DMV wait was 2.5 hours, thank goodness for my smartphone because it helped the time fly by. Now that they have changed the look of our Divers license, we are no longer allowed to smile in our pictures. Needless to say, my Nick Nolte mugshot of a license arrived in the mail within 3 days, oh well at least it says Mrs. A on it! The cost was $10.

As far as the Social Security office, I was second in line when I got there and the ladies behind the counter were super nice and loved my ring ;). It took 3 days as well to get this in the mail and the cost was also $10. So for $22.50 and a huge headache I have my name changed, yay!


{{RECAP: Part One}} Rehearsal/Rehearsal Dinner

>> Monday, April 12, 2010

Our beautiful wedding was just two weeks ago and I have been dying to share all the info with you guys but wanted to wait until I had pictures to share with you. My super talented photographer posted our pictures but we have not received our CD yet and I decided I couldn't wait anymore! I will start with our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner recaps.

Our rehearsal was set for the Friday before our wedding and everyone was suppose to be there at 5:00 pm sharp because we only had our venue for 1 hour. Well guess what, everyone was on time and ready to go except my brother who decided that he would get bombed at happy hour after work. My sister was kind enough to pick him up and he made her late. She was beyond frustrated and was stuck in rush hour traffic with someone who was drunker than Cooter Brown. He decided that while stuck in traffic he had to go to the bathroom, he commenced to jumping out of the car and running up the road to the store, LMAO my sister was so mad!!!

My preacher was also very late and I didn't understand that because we gave him a timeline two weeks before the wedding...WHATEVER!

Needless to say our rehearsal started at 5:45 pm but Lauren that worked for our venue was kind enough to let us still run through and do what we needed to do. The entire time I was giving my brother hell for getting drunk, he apologized in a drunker slur of words by saying "sssssorrry ssssissss." Looking back at it, the entire experience was hilarious and we ended up having a GREAT time at dinner. Don't sweat the small stuff ladies, it may make for some funny recaps :)


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