>> Tuesday, September 9, 2008

OMG! I lost my ring this morning, yep I can't believe it. It all started last night when I cooked dinner and removed it to run my hand around in bowl of boneless chicken breasts. I cooked dinner, washed dishes and took a bath with my ring still in the kitchen. I went to bed and woke up this morning at about 2 a.m. to head to the ladies room. I finally noticed that my ring wasn't on my finger, EEEEK!!! So I go in search in a sleepy stupor, and found it where I left it on the counter in the kitchen. I went back to bed and got up this morning to get my daughter ready for school, I took my ring off again to put gel on her curls and I didn't want my ring to get sticky. Well we were running late and I was rushing out the door and left my ring on the bed (or at least I thought). Again I didn't notice until I got to work and my finger was bare once again! I called my fiance who didn't answer the phone because he was still sleeping. After 15 calls he sleepily answered the phone and asked what was wrong and I broke the bad news that I had lost my ring!
At this point I was somewhat calm because I said I left it on the bed. He searched and it was nowhere to be found in our bed. OK, so total anxiety is now settling in and I am shaking like a leaf on a tree. He said he would search for it and call me back. I hung up and waited all of 2 seconds and called him back. He went downstairs and it was on the kitchen counter. I must have left it there while cooking breakfast, the funny thing is I don't remember picking it up off the bed. During my lunch break and I went and purchased two ring stands, one for downstairs and one for upstairs where I will put my ring when I need to take it off!


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