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>> Wednesday, October 1, 2008

As I have mentioned before I work for a group of radio stations and it has its perks, like free cd's! I got my hands on the new Jason Mraz cd and let me just say, I'm so surprised I can still hear. I blast my ipod with his music. I have been a fan of his music since his first release, but this CD is quite amazing to say the least.

My favs are "I'm Yours" and "Lucky" which features Colbie Caillet. I really want my future hubby and I to have our first dance to one of these songs but he is just not having it! He still wants to dance to Sam Cooke "Cupid" because that played when we had our first kiss (mush!). So I have some selling to to do, I know he might really want the Sam Cooke song because it's short and sweet and I know he is really shy and wants to get it over with asap!

I still have 18 months of convincing so we'll see! LOL!

See the cute playlist on the sidebar to hear the great songs I raved about above!


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