A Must See!

>> Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm so addicted to movies and great television, I think I might need a support group to help me with my addiction. Almost every weekend my fiance and I have dinner and a movie. Well let me tell you that I'm so excited I could do a cartwheel (really, if I thought I wouldn't break my neck) about a movie trailer I saw last night. The movie is called Bride Wars, it stars two of my favorite actresses Kate Hudson & Anne Hathaway. The premise of the movie is that two ladies who have been best friends since childhood, and both are in love with this beautiful venue that they use to love as children. The two end up getting engaged at the same time and book the venue on two different dates. They begin planning their weddings only to learn that their weddings have been booked on the same date. So one must pick a different venue, thus the war begins! Bride Wars is not out in theatres until January 2009 but trust I will be there on opening night. This will be a girls night out movie, I don't think my fiance will be too enthused about seeing this chick flick!


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