The Moss Letters

>> Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The moss monogram letters are definitely a new trend with today's weddings. I think it makes a statement and adds an elegant touch to any wedding. Although I really like the moss, I think I might go a step further and attempt to make my letters using artificial carnations or roses. I can't wait to start on this project, I will post pics as soon as I finish. If you would like to make your own letters here are some GREAT instructions from Mrs. Lemonade of Weddingbee.
2 large foam sheets (green would be best, I ended up with white and I had to use a lot more moss to make sure no white showed through)
1 hot glue gun with glue sticks
Elmer’s glue
Floral pins (the u shaped ones)
Mono filament (fishing wire, it really doesn’t matter what ‘size’)
2 Heavy poster boards
Pencil, sharpie, scissors, serrated knife
Lots of moss (I used Super Moss from Hobby Lobby [which I believe is sold at craft stores everywhere] since it was 50% off; because so much is needed for complete coverage I would recommend buying in bulk online)
PC with word processor (unless you want to freehand your letters…)
Access to a large scale copy machine
Ribbon to coordinate your wedding palette
For the rest of her lovely instructions CLICK HERE!



I will follow the above instructions to create my letters to look more like the ones below, I plan on using artificial carnations.



>> Monday, July 27, 2009

I love the idea of having a calligrapher hand write all 150 of my invitations, but times that by $2 per invite and that idea kinda flew out the window. I think I'd rather put that money toward more food or drinks. Then I forgot about one of our sales reps at work who has the best handwriting I have ever seen. I can tell which orders are hers when they come across my desk because of her beautiful writing. She writes in a perfectly straight line without a rule, and she can make it as fancy as I want! Her name is Patti and she ROCKS!! She agreed to write all of my invites as a gift to me (but I am secretly buying her a gift, so I hope she doesn't read my blog). A few weeks ago I asked her to address a couple of Thank You cards for our photographer from the e-pics and the nice guy who let us take pics on his property. Patti did a great job and I cannot wait to see what she will do with my invites! Will you print, hand write or hire a calligrapher to do your invites?

P.S. I had a picture but I cannot find it anywhere which makes me ANGRY. Here are a few inspiration shots from Pen & Ink.


WTF...What happened??????

>> Thursday, July 23, 2009

What in the world, did I miss something? What happened to my followers and why was I deleted from all the blogs that I followed? What is going on? I didn't have a list of all the great blogs I followed written down. I'm MAD!!!!!! HELP!!

UPDATE::: OK it's back, had a little freak out for a minute there! I see my list again but it's been down for the past 15 minutes. Please excuse my crazy rant :) I'm writing these down now!



>> Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yesterday was the day of our e-pics shoot and it started GREAT, I woke up to partly sunny skies and it was warm but not hot. I checked the weather, because we had to travel almost two hours to get to our picture destination. We had a 5% chance of rain all day, I was happy. We got dressed, and got on the road. The ride was GORGEOUS we were on back country roads and the mountain views that we saw were truly breathtaking!

We were about 15 mins. from our destination when it started to rain and I mean it was a down pour, I was so upset. When we arrived at the venue I called the photographer and he was AWESOME, he said we would make it work and get some great shots. The rain did let up enough for us to get some great pictures and even some rain shots with a super cool umbrella. My FH and I made the best of it and stayed positive. I think our patience helped because the rain finally did stop and then we headed downtown to get some "city" shots. FH and I had a great time and our photographer Jeremy couldn't have been any better. He was so outgoing and understanding and even shot for an extra 30 mins. Thanks Jeremy, we had a blast. I will post pics as soon as they arrive, thanks for all the encouragement and kind words, you guys are the best :)


It's E-pic Time!!!!

>> Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Good Morning all!! Today is the day for our e-pics and I am beyond excited and still a little nervous. I didn't sleep alot because I kept thinking about it. I had that feeling like a kid who has a fieldtrip at school and can't sleep the night before because of the excitement! Well I just wanted to pop in, I'm off to get my hair flat ironed and my toes painted. I'll fill you in on all the details tomorrow.


For a GREAT Cause!

>> Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The very talented Sam of Sam Straud Photography is doing something truly WONDERFUL to both raise money and awareness to Freedom 4/24. Order a $10 ticket for your chance to win a FREE wedding photographer for your big day. This package is worth $2,150 and includes all-day coverage, a 13x10 coffee table book & an enagement or bridal session. All proceeds will be going to Freedom 4/24 , a ministry which aims to rescue women from sexual slavery, while providing money to supply them with alternative means of survial. For more information please visit Sam's website:: HERE


Thank You...

>> Sunday, July 12, 2009

I wanted to thank you all for the advice and information last week about the rings. I was leaning toward the HOF ring and after your help I know that it is definitely the one. THANKS so much :)

Wednesday we will have our re-scheduled e-pic session. Hopefully the rain will hold out and we can just get these done. I'm so excited and hope that I don't get hives again from being stressed about the pictures. I took the entire day off to have a pampering day before we take pics. FH and I finally got our outfits together, we both love what we are wearing, its not matchy but it looks good and doesn't clash.

I do have a bit of some cool news to share. I was asked to help plan a bridal show for the bridal salon where I purchased my dress. I knew I loved my consultant we just hit it off and he feels like I would be a huge help with the planning of their very first bridal show. I am truly excited and honored that he thought of me! I have always wanted to be an event planner and this is just going to help me get my feet wet. I am also in the middle of helping to plan our Women's Expo at work so I am going to be a busy bee so please forgive me if it takes me a while to post updates! Anyway, I hope you all had a great weekend.

Don't forget I have a HUGE GIVEAWAY coming very soon!


{{VOTE}}::Which Ring

>> Monday, July 6, 2009

We went to look for rings again this past weekend, because I had a day off on Friday. I have narrowed the search down to two rings and I cannot decide between the two, so please help me out! I found a gorgeous Hearts On Fire ring called Identity Milgrain Band, it had diamonds and actually looks so pretty with my e-ring which is a Tacori band with an aquamarine stone. The other ring was the Tacori wedding band that goes with my Tacori e-ring. The difference between the two is that the Tacori band will be custom made just for my ring and my finger. I would have to send my e-ring back to the Tacori headquarters so they can make the band to match my handcarving that is already on my e-ring and they have to mold it to make sure it fits snug with my e-ring. This process could take 4-6 weeks (eeek! how will I go without my ring for so long). The HOF ring is just gorgeous and has diamonds which the Tacori band does not, also the HOF ring can be worn and look good without my e-ring but The Tacori band will only look good with my Tacori e-ring. Both rings cost about the same at $1800 so the price really doesn't make a huge difference. Vote in the poll to the left----->

{{My E-Ring}}

{{Tacori Band}}

{{Tacori Band}}

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