The Perfect Bra...for me anyway!

>> Wednesday, November 11, 2009

When I went for my first fitting, I had a bridal bustier with ribbing. My dress kept pulling and I thought I might have gained weight and totally freaked! Well the lovely Wayne, my fashion consultant at Amrhein's told me to take the bustier off and the dress would fit better, and voila, he was right! I didn't feel comfortable with going with a bra altogether so I went shopping at one of my favorite store: Victoria's Secret. I had no problem finding the right bra, their consultants are so sweet and nice and after trying on only three, I found one that rocks!

The Body by Victoria®, Multi-Way Bra was super comfortable and soft and I fell like I can wear it the entire wedding day and not get poked and prodded with wired and ribbing. I also LOVE this bra because it can be thrown in my underwear drawer to be worn again and again instead of just once if I went with the full bustier. If you are a bride wearing a strapless dress and need that perfect bra, I would recommend this to any of you :)

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