To Veil or Not to Veil, That is the Question...

>> Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Since my engagement the question about the veil has been on my mind. I have always said that I wouldn't wear a veil at all because I can't stand for hair to even be in my face much less a veil. Then I came across the Birdcage Veil and oh how I fell in love! My mind changed completely, I think the birdcage veil is just sleek, chic & sexy with a vintage Audrey Hepburn feel. The problem I'm coming across is what type of dress it looks best with. In everything I've read it suggests wearing it with a trumpet style gown or a drop waist. I don't want either, I am more for an A-line gown.

(Picture Courtesy of:: Shooting Star Weddings)

I did come across this beautiful bride with a birdcage veil and an A-line style dress, I think she looks STUNNING! I love the black and white first of all then the fact that she has a beautiful birdcage veil on with the style dress I like. I think when the time comes to for me to go dress shopping I'm surely going to give the birdcage a try!

(Photo By:: Lynn Michelle Photography)


Budget Centerpieces

>> Saturday, October 25, 2008

If you read my blog often, you know that I'm a DIY bride on a tight budget. I want beautiful centerpieces just like any other bride. I really don't want to use silk or artificial flowers so I have been on a search for some beautiful yet affordable real flower centerpiece ideas.

I was watching, Who's Wedding is it Anyway and I saw that a bride ordered flowers online and it gave me hope that I would be able to get those centerpieces I wanted. I started searching different online flower shops and found Pacific Callas. They are affordable flowers and the flower shop tells you exactly how to take care of the flowers and make the best of them. I read through their testimonies and looked at the wedding gallery and I have to say that I like what I read and saw!

The centerpieces below is what I want for my tables, I like the high low set-up for my tables I think it will look great.

I was so lucky to find 5 cylinder vases at TJ Maxx for $8 a pieces which I think is a steal! So I am definately on the prowl for some bowl vases now because I am bound and determined to have these beautiful centerpieces at my wedding reception!


D.I.Y Friday~Button Napkin Rings

>> Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm so going to make these for my wedding! What a classy but cheap way to have nice napkin rings! These are just way too cute to ignore! I was searching one of my favorite wedding sites:
Once Wed and found these little gems, I love 'em.

Fabric ( a 2” x 2” scrap for each button)
Cover Buttons ( 1 ½” in diameter, one per napkin ring)
Ribbon ( 6” length per ring, 1” wide)


Fabric: “Leaf Honeycomb” by Joelle Hoverson and Moda “Green ButterflyLace” available at Purlsoho.comAll other supplies available and fabric and craft stores.

1. Begin by ironing your fabric so it’s free of wrinkles. Follow theinstructions on the cover button package to create your buttons. Thereare several styles of cover buttons. With all, you’ll be cutting acircle of your fabric with their template, stretching the fabric over thetop of the button, then snapping the back on the button. ( see figure 1and 2)
2. Cut a length of ribbon 6 inches long. Run the ribbon through themetal loop on the back, so the finished button is centered on theribbon with the right side of the ribbon facing up. (see figure 3)
3. Pull the ends of the ribbon up so the right sides meet. The buttonwill be inside, facing up towards the ribbon ends. (see figure 4)
4. Approximately 1/4 of an inch from the ribbon edges, do a straightstitch to close the “ring”. Tie off your thread with a sturdy knot.Trim away loose threads. (see figure 5)
5. Turn the ring you just created right side out, so the button is ontop. Pull the ribbon through the metal loop of the button until the seamyou just stitched is directly beneath, and hidden by the button. (seefigure 6)
6. Make one napkin ring per guest. Mix and match your fabrics to livenup the tables. ( see figure 7)
7. Fold the napkin in half, roll it, and slide through the ring and place.

( to create one napkin ring)
Fabric - $. 03 (you can get almost 400 buttons out of a single yard of44” fabric)
Cover button - $.75 each
Ribbon $.20
Total Spent $.98 each


So Amazing!!

>> Friday, October 17, 2008

As I mentioned before I work for a broadcasting station and I had an experience today like no other. I have met alot of famous singers, authors, football player and such but today I had the priviledge to attend a rally for Sen. Barack Obama. Let me just tell you that I was so honered to be in his presence. I'm a democrat and a huge supporter so when he was introduced and stepped on the stage I sobbed uncontrollably because I was know in my heart that I was sitting there looking at the next president of the United States. He was so elequent and majestic, he carries himself with so much class and I respect him to the fullest.


D.I.Y. Friday~ Fabric Fortune Cookie Favors

Ok so now that I have just about pulled every strand of my hair out thanks to my blog facelist, it's time to get back to wedding business!

It's D.I.Y. Friday again and these favors are jut way too cute for words! A very talented e-friend (a friend I met through ebay) over at Brassy Apple had these fabric fortune cookie instructions that are not not only easy but can really be done on a budget. Find fabric that matches your wedding colors, preferably on the sales rack and go to work. For full instructions click here!


Please Excuse the Mess!!

>> Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm in the process of revamping my blog, please excuse the mess!!


A Must See!

I'm so addicted to movies and great television, I think I might need a support group to help me with my addiction. Almost every weekend my fiance and I have dinner and a movie. Well let me tell you that I'm so excited I could do a cartwheel (really, if I thought I wouldn't break my neck) about a movie trailer I saw last night. The movie is called Bride Wars, it stars two of my favorite actresses Kate Hudson & Anne Hathaway. The premise of the movie is that two ladies who have been best friends since childhood, and both are in love with this beautiful venue that they use to love as children. The two end up getting engaged at the same time and book the venue on two different dates. They begin planning their weddings only to learn that their weddings have been booked on the same date. So one must pick a different venue, thus the war begins! Bride Wars is not out in theatres until January 2009 but trust I will be there on opening night. This will be a girls night out movie, I don't think my fiance will be too enthused about seeing this chick flick!


D.I.Y Friday~Picture Fame Card/Comment Box

>> Friday, October 10, 2008

I was looking for a cute card box for the wedding, and came across this. It's a cardbox made with picture frames, how neat! Now you can put those engagement pictures on display in a unique way! It looks like it's super easy to make and I think I would even use it after the wedding just as a way to diplay our pics. I would just change out the card slip with a black piece of MDF or some other inexpesive material. Scoot on over to Road to the Aisle blog she has other great projects as well. This blog is a little old but it still has some cool DIY items in there!


Get to know a little more about me..........

>> Thursday, October 9, 2008

I saw this on the Affairs With Elegance blog and thought it was a pretty cool way to share a little more about me.

I AM... so excited about this wedding!
I WANT... the economy to get better
I HAVE... a great life with two sweet little girls and a sexy fiance (LOL)
I KEEP... lip gloss on me at all times
I WISH I COULD... have my own business
I HATE... my thunder thighs (LMAO)
I FEAR... snake, spiders, bugs anythings that crawls and look creepy, YUK!!
I HEAR... the sound of the light buzzing in my office
I DON’T THINK... I'm in the right profession
I REGRET... not spending more time with my dad while he was here on this earth
I LOVE... my family, friends and Michael Kors (LOL)
I AM NOT... OCD (although people say I am)
I DANCE... as cardio twice a week! Love it!
I SING... really loud on my long commute home
I NEVER... want to outlive my kids
I RARELY... get enough sleep (I know that's bad)
I CRY WHEN I WATCH... Lifetime Movies
I AM NOT ALWAYS... honest with myself
I HATE THAT … Warrick (Gary Dourdan) is not going to be on CSI anymore
I’M CONFUSED ABOUT … the 700 Billion Dollar Bailout Plan...What?
I NEED … to go grocery shopping
I SHOULD … be finishing up my work for today and get off this blog, lol



>> Friday, October 3, 2008

Yeah I said it! Feel those boobies ladies! As most of you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month! Throughout the month I will be giving remiders to check yourself because you are never too young or too old. My furture MIL was diagnosed in July with breast cancer. It was very early the doctors said if she had to pick a cancer it was the one she had. She had a double mastectomy on August 25 and is doing quite well. No chemo or radiation was needed so they considered her "lucky." So ladies go FEEL YOUR BOOBIES!!


D.I.Y Friday~More cute favor boxes!

I came across these cuties on Wedlog you can make these to match any wedding, you just need the right paper! I love the semi-circle top, it gives them a little whimsy feel! Stuff these with your favorite candies or cookies for your guests to take home! To full instructions click here!


Music Lovin' Fool!

>> Wednesday, October 1, 2008

As I have mentioned before I work for a group of radio stations and it has its perks, like free cd's! I got my hands on the new Jason Mraz cd and let me just say, I'm so surprised I can still hear. I blast my ipod with his music. I have been a fan of his music since his first release, but this CD is quite amazing to say the least.

My favs are "I'm Yours" and "Lucky" which features Colbie Caillet. I really want my future hubby and I to have our first dance to one of these songs but he is just not having it! He still wants to dance to Sam Cooke "Cupid" because that played when we had our first kiss (mush!). So I have some selling to to do, I know he might really want the Sam Cooke song because it's short and sweet and I know he is really shy and wants to get it over with asap!

I still have 18 months of convincing so we'll see! LOL!

See the cute playlist on the sidebar to hear the great songs I raved about above!


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