I Bought My Linens!

>> Saturday, November 28, 2009

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving because I sure did, I am just now coming down off my sugar high from all the great desserts!
I have a lot of updates for you guys this week and some great news that I can't wait for you to hear (more on that later). In major wedding news...I bought my linens, I am so happy! I purchased (10) 132" rounds Chocolate Tablecloths, (3) 72x120" Chocolate Tablecloths & (115) Apple Green Napkins. I am so so so so happy that I purchased instead of renting them. They were a great price and I can definitely resell them. I spent my Sunday washing them and ironing most of my napkins to be stored flat so I won't have to worry about that the week of the wedding.

So if I have any takers, feel free to email me at mydreamring {at} yahoo.com. They will be available for purchase after March 27th!


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

>> Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am so thankful for my family and friends...without their love and support this wedding wouldn't be possible. I am also thankful for all of you, my readers, thank you so much for coming back everyday and giving me a reason to be motivated and pushing through this planning process. I have lots to update you on next week, I can't wait to share some GREAT NEWS with you! I appreciate you all...enjoy your families and friends and have a great Thanksgiving!


{The Dirty South}

>> Monday, November 23, 2009

Since I am a Southern Bride Blogger for Southern Weddings, I am so happy to let you guys know that their new and second magazine has hit the news stands! I am beyond excited and hope to actually find a copy this go round. I don't have a copy of the first one but I am bound and determined to find a copy of this one. I have read how hard Laura and all the other ladies have worked their behinds off on this issue and I am sure that it has paid off. I hope you guys all pick up a copy, I am sure its full of lots of eye candy...just check out the cover!


A New Business in the Making...

>> Thursday, November 19, 2009

Since planning my wedding I think I have tapped into somthing that I can truly say that I LOVE!! I don't feel like its a hassell to me, now don't get me wrong it comes with its own frustrations and stress but overall I have found that I have enjoyed it more that I ever imagined. So guess what? I decided to become a Certified Wedding Consultant!! Yay!!! I have been enrolled in classes now for about 4 months because if I am going to do this I want to do it right. So on top of planning the wedding of my dreams {I know thats corny but its true} I am also taking online classes. I feel like I was given a talent that I have been ignoring and I feel like its my duty to use this talent and not let it go to waste.

So after my wedding I will start with just part-time planning and see where it takes me. I am beyond excited and can't wait to jump in with both feet! More information to come later but I just thought I would share and get your thought....do you think I have what it takes to be a planner? Have I inspired any of you {my readers} in any way? I would love feedback!


Some of the Best Wedding Photos Ever....

>> Thursday, November 12, 2009

I got an email from a photography company by the name of Vision Photography out of Atlanta, GA asking me to check out their blog. Oh how glad I am that I didn't delete that email because this husband and wife team is just AMAZING! Their work is stunning. They tagged the photos below as some of their best work and I will have to say that my mouth hit the floor because these photos are beyond beautiful. They captured this couple so perfectly and I have not seen anything like this before, or done so well. CONGRATS Kari & Carlton, these photos are amazing along with so many others on your blog.


The Perfect Bra...for me anyway!

>> Wednesday, November 11, 2009

When I went for my first fitting, I had a bridal bustier with ribbing. My dress kept pulling and I thought I might have gained weight and totally freaked! Well the lovely Wayne, my fashion consultant at Amrhein's told me to take the bustier off and the dress would fit better, and voila, he was right! I didn't feel comfortable with going with a bra altogether so I went shopping at one of my favorite store: Victoria's Secret. I had no problem finding the right bra, their consultants are so sweet and nice and after trying on only three, I found one that rocks!

The Body by Victoria®, Multi-Way Bra was super comfortable and soft and I fell like I can wear it the entire wedding day and not get poked and prodded with wired and ribbing. I also LOVE this bra because it can be thrown in my underwear drawer to be worn again and again instead of just once if I went with the full bustier. If you are a bride wearing a strapless dress and need that perfect bra, I would recommend this to any of you :)


:::{My D.I.Y. "Thank You" Parasol}:::

>> Monday, November 9, 2009

This weekend I could only squeeze in one wedding project and that was the "Thank You" parasol. I knew that I wanted one of these and as always I wanted to try the D.I.Y road before purchasing. It came out GREAT and BEAUTIFUL and just what I wanted but let me just say that it was a labor of love for sure. It took me just about three hours and at times I wanted to throw it across the room, but in the end it was all worth it. I used instructions from a Project Wedding article to do this parasol.


  • 32" Rice Paper Parasol $8.95 (Purchased from Earthbound Trading Company)
  • Deco Art Metallic paint $2.29
  • Paint Brushes $0 (used paint brushes that I had for about 5 years)
  • Stencil's printed in Micrsoft Word $0
  • Pencil $0 (Stole one from my daughter :)
  • Scissors $0 (already had these)
  • Tape (leftover from Christmas)
    Total Cost $11.24

CLICK HERE for complete instructions.


:::{Flower Girl Headbands}:::

>> Monday, November 2, 2009

I really want my flower girls to be just as beautiful as I am on my wedding day because they are my daughters and are so excited about the wedding! I have found their dresses which are GORGEOUS and they love them as well.

I am all about accessorizing my daughter for the wedding because I use to own a baby boutique in which I made beautiful baby jewelry and hair accessories, so it comes natural to me. I plan on making my daughters accessories for the wedding but they have BIG curly hair and trying to find a cute style for them became a little frustrating until I discovered the gorgeous headband on the J. Crew website, I thought PERFECT....they can wear their hair down with cute headbands!

I am not sure if I can make these beautiful headbands but I'm sure going to try before I buy. Are you having flower girls and if so, have you thought about how their hair will be styled?

You can always turn to Etsy when you want something beautiful and unique....


Finally Found Some:: Damask Ribbon!

A.C. Moore has some new and beautiful Damask ribbon in an assortment of colors for $3.99 per roll. Since I am only using a few touches of damask here and there in my wedding I thought that the ribbon would be great wrapped around the cylinder vases I will be using for my centerpieces and for the pompanders my flower girls will be using. If you use a 40% off coupon that would be even better. Hope this info helps you guys

I purchased the brown and green of course because those are my primary colors:)


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